Young Authors' Book Project


In Young Authors’ Book Project, classroom teachers, volunteers, and staff work together to support students in the creative process of writing original works around a theme. Illustrators, designers, publishers, and printers collaborate with students and classroom volunteers to create a professionally published anthology by Spring of each school year. 

YABP 2019 Cover.jpg

Indigenous Originated: Walking in Two Worlds


The Bold, Untold North: Nonfiction Poems by Scholars of John A. Johnson

Explore the wilderness of Minnesota in this collection of nonfiction poetry by fifth-grade scholars from John A. Johnson Achievement Plus Elementary school that travels across the entire state with ease. This anthology explores a chipmunk's favorite food, compares mountain lions to fades, and imagines badgers as sneaky tricksters. In addition, this year, there are six hours of lesson plans so students across the nation can create their own wild, wonderful verses. With a foreword by local award-winning poet Danez Smith and book cover by Kevin Cannon. Published in 2018. Click here for the educator resources featured in the book.


Adventures Within Another: Stories of Identity and Culture from Como Park High School

Delve into this powerful collection of poems and essays by ninth-grade students from Como Park Senior High School that explores the people, places, and things shaping their personal and cultural identities. Throughout their writing, many students described important people in their lives from secret crushes to loved ones who have passed away. The young writers crafted pieces in response to the prompt, “What do you hear when you think of home?”, and bonded together through cultural artifacts identifying them with a particular community. With a foreword by local award-winning author Kao Kalia Yang and book cover by Kevin Cannon. Published in 2017.

Made possible each year with the partnership of our friends at Wise Ink Creative Publishing.